How to handle tough conditions

These days Wet Wednesdays are as common as Wacky Wednesdays at Steers. I don’t know why and how it’s possible, and I wish I could explain it, but it rains every Wednesday. It’s not easy playing when it’s cold and wet, but this is something we should get used to over the winter period in the Cape. Luckily it is almost summer time again.
But for now here are a few tips on how to handle tough conditions.

1. Keep Dry
A great rain suite is a must in this area, keeping dry and warm is step one to playing great golf in wet weather. An extra glove and towel, even an all-weather glove would help. They really work and is a must for wet weather. It’s difficult to commit to a shot if your hands and glove are wet and you’re more focused on holding onto the club, than you are about the shot you need to hit. Rain covers for the bags, you’ve got them, so use them.

2. Gripping the club shorter (Why we hit more fat golf shot when it’s wet)
You don’t realize it but, when it’s wet and the ground gets soggy you’re feet sinks down into the ground. Why is this important? You are now lower to the ground or closer to the ball. The lie-angle of the club changes and you need to adjust by gripping it shorter. By doing this you are getting closer to your normal setup position. It’s a simple thing, but very effective in wet conditions.

3. One club more
In wet conditions the air is heavier and ball is not traveling as far. The ball is not rolling as much - be aggressive with your approaches and tee shots. Pro’s like using the phrase “Playing darts” when it’s wet, they feel they can just attack the flags. They know that the ball will land softly, it gives them confidence and let them play freely. Don’t fear the conditions, embrace it!

4. Chipping and Putting
If you are someone who likes to putt, instead of chipping when you are off the green, I would advise you try chipping when it’s wet. It very difficult to judge pace when the grass around the greens are wet and soggy. You need to try and take that out of play. The nice thing is you can be aggressive with the chip. The greens will be slower and the ball will stop quicker.
Same thing when putting, be aggressive the ball won’t turn as much and the greens will be much slower. So you can give it a good run at the hole.

I hope this tips will help you on your next Wet Wednesday round.

“Love your Putter and Wedges and except the Conditions” – Bob Rotella

The Swingfit Team