Billy Watson was 'n groot staatmaker in Boland-gholf

- 01 November 2019

Een van die bekendste Boland-gholfspelers van ‘n klompie dekades gelede, Billy Watson, is oorlede aan ‘n hartsiekte.
Watson het groot geword op Somerset-Wes en het met groot sukses vir die klub gespeel.
Later het hy verhuis na Moorreesburg waar hy al die jare gebly het. Hy was ook ‘n staatmaker in die Boland-span.
Een van die beste amateur-gholfspelers van die 70’s en 80‘s in die Wes-Kaap asook ‘n groot gholfvriend en -spanmaat van Billy was Gerald Williams.
Williams het die volgende kort stukkie geskryf oor Billy Watson:
“I met Billy Watson at Somerset West Country Club where I started as a junior in 1966. He was a couple of years younger than what I am and lived next to Roy Joubert (who went on to become a Springbok golfer) alongside the old 13th hole of the Somerset-West Club.
Even in those days, he always known for his prodigious length off the tee – bearing in mind we were still using wooden clubs whose heads were not much bigger than the ball itself!
He hit everything as hard as what he could – a famous saying of his was “ I would rather be short with a sand wedge, than on with a 9 iron.”
“As with a lot of big men, he had a wonderful touch around the greens and was an excellent putter. He won our club champs a couple of times and represented Boland golf a few times, of which he was very proud. In fact, he was my foursomes partner in a few games.”

FOTO: Gerald Williams (links) en Billy Watson

Boland Golf Union; Boland-gholfunie