- 25 March 2021

In the series – Golf Club of the Month – the focus is this month on Montagu.
Situated in the beautiful Klein Karoo this club has a proud history of nearly 90 years.
The Montagu Club was founded in 1933 and the course was designed and build by the members.
The commitment and dedication of the Montagu members through all the years provided the back-bone for the continuous growth of the club.
A case in point – for many years members cut the fairways with their own lawnmowers.
The new club house was officially opened in 1985.
The view from the deck of the club house is something to experience – with the beautiful landscape of the Klein Karoo and the Langeberg mountains in the background.


An interesting fact about the course is that every hole has got a “nickname.”
Hole 1/10 (Par 4) "The long shot Par 4".
Hole 2/11 (Par 3) "The Lucky Shot".
FEATURE HOLF OF THE COURSE: Hole 3/12 (Par 4) "The Gap to Angles corner". Here you can take a gamble and go for the gap, but if you fall short, you’re in serious trouble. Play it safe for a straight shot to line up for a 90m-120m shot into the green, but if the wind blows the shot to a small raised green might have you wondering what iron to play.
Hole 4/13 (Par 5) "Round the bend".
Hole 5/14 (Par 3) "The Watering hole".
Hole 6/15 (Par 4) "St Montagu".
Hole 7/16 (Par 4) "The Sloping 7th and 16th".
Hole 8/17 (Par 4) "The Fade Killer".
Hole 9/18 (Par 5) "The Game Breaker".