CLUB OF THE MONTH: MOORREESBURG - 107 years old and still going strong

- 29 October 2020

In 2013 Moorreesburg Golf Club reached a huge milestone when the club celebrated its 100th birthday.
Founded in 1913 this club is one of the oldest in the Boland.
Through the years the Moorreesburg Club had to face many a challenge – especially droughts and recently the Covid19 pandemic.
But the Moorreesburg community are sturdy people who love their sport and they have always faced the challenges head-on.
The founders of the club were Springbok rugby player Paddy Carolin and dr JP du Toit.
Carolin was the vice-captain of the Springbok rugby team that toured the UK in 1906 (the first Springbok team to play overseas – the team was captained by the Bok legend Paul Roos).
In an article about the Moorreesburg Golf Club that was published in Die Burger newspaper of 1931 Carolin was described as the heart and soul of the club with his enthusiasm for the game of golf. It was also mentioned in the article that the club had more than 50 members.
In the early years golf was only played at Moorreesburg during winter, because in summer the land was used for cricket matches. In 1960 a new cricket venue was established and the golfers could now use the course for the whole year.
Another Springbok rugby player Pat Montini (centre in the Boks touring team to New Zealand in 1956) was also a member at Moorreesburg. He also won the club title in 1968.
If you look at the honours board at the Moorreesburg Golf Club you will see the name Smit a large number of times under the heading CLUB CHAMPS.
After the farmer and garage owner Appel Smit won the club champs a number of times, his son Bertus took over in 1970. Bertus has won the Moorreesburg Club Champs 23 times – the most of any player in the Western Cape.
Ben, younger brother of Bertus, has also won the club champs a number of times.
A number of Moorreesburg members had outstanding amateur careers.
Joe Buirski was a formidable player and at the age of 50 he was still captain of the Boland team. Other prominent golfers include Billy Watson, Piet Kemp, Dirk van der Merwe and Ferdie van der Merwe.
Jannie Durr, Club Captain of Moorreesburg Golf Club, says the condition of the course is the best in 5 years. “It is the result of the good rains and hard work of our ground staff.”
Durr also thanked the community of Moorreesburg for their support during the trying times of Covid19. “It was tough, but we survived.”

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