- 31 May 2020

Dear BGU clubs and players

Golf is arguably one of the safest activities that one can partake in during this uncertain “pandemic times”. As players of the game we are acutely aware of this fact. Unfortunately, our view is not shared by all and this is leading to serious frustration. The great tragedy is that the livelihood of RSA golf clubs and approximately 40,000 – 50,000 employees is in serious jeopardy, and unnecessarily so.
This frustration is resulting in some clubs (and many players) considering either a legal route or civil disobedience.
The non-contact sporting bodies, with GolfRSA playing a leading role, are in discussions with the Department of Sport. These discussions have been ongoing throughout the lockdown and have escalated dramatically since the latest regulations were published. These discussions continue today (Sunday 31 May 2020).
My urgent request is that clubs and players do not succumb to their frustrations and take matters into own hands. The actions of some can lead to serious consequences for the remainder of the industry!
Please remain patient, you will be kept informed of progress. I thank you for your cooperation.

George Bezuidenhout - President: Boland Golf Union

Boland Golf Union