GolfRSA - Update on competitions, tournaments

- 13 July 2020

To All Unions and Clubs,

Following the publication and distribution of the SA Government Advanced Level 3 Lockdown Regulations and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture’s Directions published on the 6thJuly 2020, GolfRSA has updated and circulated its Risk Mitigation Guidelines and supporting guidelines.
In terms of the GolfRSA Good Practice Guidelines (v12. Dated 6 July 2020),“Amateur competitions may be played, provided players do not have to travel across provincial borders, there are no spectators or prize- givings and all other Risk Mitigation requirements are in place”.
Accordingly, in terms of competitive golf the following applies with immediate effect.

Permitted Competitive Golf:

1.Competitions and events played under the auspices of the host facility:
•Club Competitions:* open to members and visitors at the discretion of the host facility.* where club competitions are used as qualifying events for Regional and National Finals –clubs must be cognizant of the fact that restrictions on cross-provincial travel may result in the cancellation of such Finals.
•Corporates / Groups / Societies(i.e. NOMADS, social clubs / Senior Society)/ Club Mixed Opens:* all entries and access controls to be managed by the host club.* all participants to be advised of,and agree to,the implementation and adherence of the host club RMP.

2.Competitions hosted by Provincial Unions or under the auspices of these Unions:
Provincial Unions would be responsible to ensure that all SA Government Regulations and Directions and GolfRSA Guidelines are adhered to.
•Inter-club/Provincial Leagues, Unions to ensure that the leagues do not permit golfers crossing Provincial borders. Proposed that the format of play be restricted to individual and better ball formats only. Clubs and Unions to refrain from foursomes or other events which promote or allow the sharing of equipment.
•Provincial events (Provincial Unions to ensure that entry criteria does not permit golfers crossing Provincial borders)
•Club Opens (NO cross Provincial border travel is permitted)
•No Spectators are permitted and all officials are subject to screening and adherence to the host club RMP

3.Competitions hosted by Clubs or Provincial Unions under auspices of WGSA/SAGA/GolfRSA: Permissible, but organising Clubs or Unions would need to ensure compliance with all GolfRSA Guidelines and Government regulations.
•WGSA Medal or any other similar events4.Cross Provincial Travel –National Amateur Events and Professional Golf:
•Under the current SA Government Regulations, no cross-provincial travel is permitted for leisure or recreational purposes and, as such, no National amateur events hosting players from across the country will be considered until such time as cross-provincial border travel is permitted. •Professional tournament golf (golf played for a living) is played as a livelihood and, as such, National Regulations permit cross-provincial border travel. (Professional Golfers requiring such travel permits would be required to contact their Governing Body in order to get the necessary information and procedures pertinent to these requirements).
•Professional Golf will be subject to the fact that NO spectators will be permitted and all officials will be subject to the same testing and screening protocols as per SA Government Regulation.
* Any professional tournaments hosted would need to be done so in line with all SA Government Regulations and Department of Sports, Arts and Culture Directions pertaining to the current Level of Lockdown.
Unions are once again reminded that, as no cross-provincial border travel is permissible, events ordinarily counting towards National Order of Merits/Rankings will be permitted to be played in accordance with the above BUT any such events played will NOT count towards National Order of Merits/Rankings, which will be “locked” until further notice.
Should you have any questions related to the above, please contact Eden Thompson at for further guidance or clarification

Boland Golf Union; GolfRSA